I did not forget about you.

19 Oct

I remember that I still have a blog. Trust me. I do.

Working full-time, buying a house and planning a wedding are sure time-suckers. Like black holes. Abysses, really.

I haven’t had a moment to breathe, let alone tie my shoes. Does this mean I can start wearing Velcro strap shoes again? Please say yes.

I’m going to be a real life wife in like two weeks, then I’m off to lay on a beach for a week.

BUT, I promise you this:

When I get back, we’re going to do this thing.

Deal? Deal.

Until then, stay classy.

*If you are female, I’m definitely talking to you. “Classy” certainly doesn’t include being a “slutty-anything” for Halloween. I love you, but it’s never been cute, and it sure as heck ain’t doing anything for that whole respect thing you’ve been chasing.


Getting Your Blood Drawn

7 Sep

You know what kinda sucks? Getting your blood drawn.

I have had GERD (google it–it’s basically bad heartburn) my entire life, and have been on Prevacid for about 10 years now. The medicine works wonders, but a couple years ago, I thought to ask my doctor about what the potential side effects of its long-term use could be. Well, turns out, it blocks the absorption of calcium and Vitamin B…Oh, no big deal. So, my doctor ordered a complete blood panel to check everything.

So, what if I told you that she asked for the test one year ago? Ok, fine! Two years ago! EEK! That seriously cannot be good. After an intense Google search on Vit B12 deficiency, I decided that it was more than time to go get my blood drawn.

Blood doesn’t freak me out, but I certainly am not one of those freaks people who watches medical shows and geeks out on watching live surgeries (ew). So, I came up with a game plan: don’t look at the needles or anything the technician is doing and keep talking. I had to fast for the test so I scheduled it for 7am before work because you know mama aint goin’ all day without food…nope, no way!

There I am. Sitting in the chair…squeezing the tension ball and he puts the needle in my vein. (insert thank you prayer to God for giving me good, easy-to-find veins)…A little pinch, but manageable. He continues to draw blood, I continue to stare at the wall ahead and ask weird questions to prevent me from fainting (I’ve never fainted but I supposed this would help)…I think I even said, “So, are you the only employee here?” HAHA what?! Don’t judge, I was trying to concentrate on anything other than the fact that I had a leech of a needle on my arm sucking my vein dry!

“Ok, you’re all done!” Great. I then made the mistake of looking over and seeing 40 about 7 test tubes full of my blood. MAMAAAA!!! I got scared, awkwardly said bye and jet out of there!

Once I got to work, I refueled with a jalapeno bagel with veggie cream cheese (God bless bagel day at the office) and an iced americano (espresso and water..get with it!) SOOO delicious. I seriously love me some carbs!

What I don’t love is how cream cheese disappears on a bagel when the bagel is super hot. Oh, and you’re so welcome for my high quality camera phone shots. I swear one day I’ll be a legit blogger with cool pictures, but as in all things in life, sometimes you just have to make do with whatcha got! Can I get an amen?

Oh, and I should get the results back tomorrow. Pray my procrastination doesn’t bite me in the gut….(Ha! Get it?!) 😉

How are you with getting your blood drawn? Do you watch it and are fine? Or, do you pass out at the sight of blood?

Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher

3 Sep

Starbucks has done it again.

Once again, they have bamboozled me with their smooth advertising and overpriced beverages. I’m such a sucker.

Well, I’m willing to be a sucker for this drink. Have you heard of their new line of “Refreshers”? They are basically a refreshing, coffee alternative.

Now, let’s get one thing straight: I love coffee. In all forms…hot, cold, iced, blended, pumped straight into my veins through an IV…you get the picture. But sometimes I get burned out on coffee and want something new.

Enter the Refresher. The drink comes in two flavors (Cool Lime and Very Berry Hibiscus) and is a mixture of fruit, fruit juice with B Vitamins and ginseng and the extract of green, unroasted coffee beans. Say what? Yeah, coffee extract. Would you even believe that it tastes NOTHING like coffee. It just tastes very light and cleansing. I love it!

I know what you’re thinking…run a comb through that nest and wipe that dorky smile off your face. I’m working on it.
The Flavors (according to the bucks):
Very Berry Hibiscus
Tangy, whole blackberries combined with the taste of hibiscus and sweet berries make for one unbelievably chill summer treat.

Cool Lime
Slices of real lime combined with a hint of mint make this treat so sweet, so refreshing, so summer.

I have only had the Cool Lime flavor and it tastes very similar to a mojito. Sign this girl up. When the summer sun scorches down on Southern California where I live, this is the absolute perfect drink to sip on and cool off with. Seriously.

It’s delicious, it’s refreshing, it’s different and unique…it’s draining my wallet.
Go try one today and let me know what you think! And hey, get me one too while you’re at it!

*This was not endorsed by Starbucks. **I wish it was. **Maybe then my wallet would be something other than empty.