Home Sweet Home

15 Aug
I have some BIG news for you. Call the New York Times and Oprah sort of BIG news.
…drumroll to build suspense…
the butterfly and the bee have bought their first little nest!

What? We’re homeowners? Totes. Insert complete and utter freak out here. I need to go run a couple laps…

Phew! Ok, I’m back. Want to know how we came to purchase this lovely little abode? I’m so glad you asked!
It goes a little something like this…
When we first got engaged back in December, we started looking around at homes. We started off looking wayyyy out of our price range, considered having roommates (awful idea. simply awful.), and all around got a little discouraged because we couldn’t find what we were looking for. We, I mean, I, turned to irrational despair and got hissy and sad because I was convinced we were going to live in a cardboard box. When people would ask where we were going to live once we were married, I would simply respond, “Under the cleanest freeway pass we can find.” No one found it funny but me. Story of my life.
So, basically we just stopped looking.
Then May came around and we decided to push back the wedding a few months. The big question is of course, “Why push it back?”…the simple answer: We didn’t have money, a place to live or everything ready for the wedding, all of which you kind of need, right? We prayed about this decision and felt SO strongly, I mean know-it-in-the-tips-of-your-toes kind of strongly that God wanted us to wait until November. Insider secret:
The wedding was originally supposed to be in November, but my impatient self said NO! Let’s do August. Lesson: impatience can really knock things off their kilter.
So, just the other day, our realtor emailed us a property that was in the right price range and looked amazing. We ran drove over to the place, walked in the door and looked at each other like, “ARE YOU SEEING WHAT I’M SEEING?!?!”
The next day, we put an offer in. We definitely went a lot lower than they wanted, but I just kept praying that if it was right, then they’d accept.
Anticipation building….
I get a call the next day from our realtor the next day saying THEY ACCEPTED. This is the moment, folks, when I started jumping up and down hysterically in the parking lot of my dentist office. Yeah, free show for the patients.
Needless to say, we couldn’t be more excited and BLESSED. We do not take this blessing lightly. We know the incredibly difficult economic garbage dump time we’re in right now, and how home ownership is sadly out of reach for so many. We are trying to keep our hands steady as we open them to receive this gift, knowing very well that it comes with overflowing responsibilities. I find myself shouting out little praises of “THANK YOU” all throughout the day. I mean, this ain’t no joke. We bought a house. What? So weird to type…even weirder to say out loud.
Bee and I couldn’t be more thrilled, overjoyed and DEEPLY grateful to begin our new life in this adorable little nest…
We can’t wait for the dinners that will be made in that kitchen…
…the cakes baked for birthdays in that oven.
…the dances that will be danced in that living room.
…the people that will joyfully enter its doors.
…the laughter that those walls will contain.
…the bursting-at-the-seams love that will fill each and every room.
…oh, and we can’t wait to have YOU over for dinner.

Why Donuts and Running Don’t Mix

6 Aug
My dad has been on this kick lately where he will eat donuts on Saturday and Sunday mornings. He buys his 3 favorite donuts, cuts them all in half, eats the halves on Saturday, then saves the remaining halves for the next morning. My dad is a kick kind of guy. When he gets into the habit of something, he does it for quite some time. Come to think of it, so is Bee. Hmm, I should explore that.
Ok, ok, back to the sugar kick…Whenever he buys the donuts, he also brings some home that the rest of the family would like. SCORE. For me, that always means a maple bar. Do I even have to explain why these are the best? That’s what I thought.


I knew I had a long run planned for this morning..a whopping 10 miles that I was initially excited about, but when the heat and actual time to do it rolled around, I was less than eager, but I decided a maple bar would give me the push I needed.

My normal pre-run breakfast is toast with peanut butter and banana and a cup of coffee. So you could imagine the upset when I threw caution to the wind and inhaled that delicious, sweet, decadent maple bar. I enjoyed every second of it, then it hit me. OH NO…I’m going to taste this a second time on the way back up. Yikes.

I got a late start on my run, and by the time I started it was about 11am. Umm, not a good idea. It was HOT, people. I mean, sweating-profusely-will-this-family-let-me-into-their-house-for-water-what-am-I-doing-I-give-up sort of a hot. There were many times during the run, particularly around mile 7, that I cursed my decision to run and deemed it an awful idea.

I finished up the 10 miles in 1:22, while managing to not upchuck my donut…a miracle! 🙂 Luckily I had parked my car right by a Starbucks, so I wandered in there, trying not to drip my sweat everywhere (gross!)..and begged, “Uhh sir, can I..uh.. uh. (panting)…get a Venti ice water..gulp..before I die?” He laughs and says sure and fills me up. I must have been a sight for sore eyes because homeboy behind me was looking at me like I was an alien. Weird. But, hey! Starbucks has the best. water. ever. Don’t you agree? Gulped that sucker down and limped walked to my car.

I spent the rest of the day trying to regain feeling in my legs, but it was an awesome training run. Well, it definitely was NOT awesome while I was running, but it was great because it taught me to run in miserable conditions. As runners, we NEED these uncomfortable runs. I am convinced they improve your running ability and, most importantly, the mental aspect of running, which I believe is about 85% of it.

Have you been on a miserable (or amazing) long runs lately? Tell me about any runs you’ve been on in recent days…the good, the bad and the ugly!

sugar headaches

5 Aug

i woke up this morning with a major headache. yuck. let me give you a peak into my world. i eat a lot of sugar. hmmm. i also get a lot of headaches..hmmm. too much sugar always results in a nasty headache. yeah. you’re right. i can live with the headaches. nothing a little Excedrin and some blueberry green tea can’t handle. (blueberry green tea does nothing for headaches, i’ve just been drinking it by the bucket load lately and can’t stop thinking about it). which reminds me, i need to go get some more from trader joe’s. oh, and i need more butter. what? sorry. back to your regularly scheduled programming…

anyways, i was making fabulous sugar cookies for you last night when the headache began. i was home alone. baking. sweating. (it’s 95 degrees in southern california). there i was, baking in my kitchen in my unmentionables (AC is expensive people!)..and i took a swipe of the dough..YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS! i don’t even like sugar cookies that much and this dough was like nectar of the heavens. it is perfect.

I want my cookies to look like these! Too cute!

then disaster struck. “where are my cookie sheets?” they were no where to be found! stupid. so i ate more batter. so! scooped some dough out and baked a couple in a cake pan. oh, don’t judge me for being so desperate. then i wrapped up the rest of the dough and put it in the fridge to be baked later (ASAP).

7 1/2 minutes later, those babies came out puffy and weird. but i still ate two. oh, gosh. i just don’t have the words. amazing. light, sweet, crispy, chewy, buttery, sugary..any more adjectives? well, they were all of that and more. i can’t wait to roll them out, bake them properly and frost them with a delicate icing. i will post that recipe and pictures very soon..stay tuned. you need these in your life.

all that to say…i ate copious amounts of batter and cookies and i woke up feeling the sugar hangover. why do i do this to myself? oh, yeah. because it’s gloriously delicious. and because i know i’m not alone..or at least i won’t be for long…just wait until you try the recipe!

in the meantime…..here are some random things dominating the space in my brain right now:

in three months i will be a married woman, laying on a white sand beach on an exotic island (location to remain undisclosed. need to avoid the paps.) for my honeymoon. do you know how excited this makes me? beyond the moon. and the sun. and the stars. and the galaxies. and the..and the…you get it.

last night b said to me, “thanks for being so selfless. and my best friend.” boy, are you kidding me with this honey-sweet goodness? SWOON.

i may have found the most delicious-tasting yogurt on the planet. Dannon Light & Fit Toasted Coconut Vanilla. Yeah, you heard me. It’s out of this world. I eat it and want to crawl into the container and lick the sides. Was that out loud? **Dannon doesn’t know me, nor did they pay me to write this. However, I’m open to knowing you, Dannon, if you would just supply me with endless amounts of this incredible yogurt of yours!!

i’m working on not saying the first thing that comes to my mind. self-control bodes well for me. think before you speak? ohhhh. i get it!

i want to wear a lot of emerald green this fall. i think that particular jewel tone will be hot this fall. mark my words. or don’t. free country. God Bless America.

i have some stinkin’ amazing friends. real talk. thanks if you’re one of them.

bee secretly (not-so-secretly) hates my singing voice. he pretends he doesn’t. he does. im ok with this. i have an awful singing voice. ask him about the time he plugged his ears. err, on second thought, maybe don’t.

my brother is hilarious. i mean pee-your-pants-tears-streaming-down-your-face-knee-slapping-i-want-cupcakes-what?-ADD-hurt-your-stomach-FUNNY! i love how funny he is. end of story.

i’m writing a spoken word poem that i am so excited about. i will share on here once it’s done. let’s just say…well, i won’t say. you’ll have to wait.

come back soon for that sugar cookie recipe. have a beautiful day, people!