I did not forget about you.

19 Oct

I remember that I still have a blog. Trust me. I do.

Working full-time, buying a house and planning a wedding are sure time-suckers. Like black holes. Abysses, really.

I haven’t had a moment to breathe, let alone tie my shoes. Does this mean I can start wearing Velcro strap shoes again? Please say yes.

I’m going to be a real life wife in like two weeks, then I’m off to lay on a beach for a week.

BUT, I promise you this:

When I get back, we’re going to do this thing.

Deal? Deal.

Until then, stay classy.

*If you are female, I’m definitely talking to you. “Classy” certainly doesn’t include being a “slutty-anything” for Halloween. I love you, but it’s never been cute, and it sure as heck ain’t doing anything for that whole respect thing you’ve been chasing.


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