Home Sweet Home

15 Aug
I have some BIG news for you. Call the New York Times and Oprah sort of BIG news.
…drumroll to build suspense…
the butterfly and the bee have bought their first little nest!

What? We’re homeowners? Totes. Insert complete and utter freak out here. I need to go run a couple laps…

Phew! Ok, I’m back. Want to know how we came to purchase this lovely little abode? I’m so glad you asked!
It goes a little something like this…
When we first got engaged back in December, we started looking around at homes. We started off looking wayyyy out of our price range, considered having roommates (awful idea. simply awful.), and all around got a little discouraged because we couldn’t find what we were looking for. We, I mean, I, turned to irrational despair and got hissy and sad because I was convinced we were going to live in a cardboard box. When people would ask where we were going to live once we were married, I would simply respond, “Under the cleanest freeway pass we can find.” No one found it funny but me. Story of my life.
So, basically we just stopped looking.
Then May came around and we decided to push back the wedding a few months. The big question is of course, “Why push it back?”…the simple answer: We didn’t have money, a place to live or everything ready for the wedding, all of which you kind of need, right? We prayed about this decision and felt SO strongly, I mean know-it-in-the-tips-of-your-toes kind of strongly that God wanted us to wait until November. Insider secret:
The wedding was originally supposed to be in November, but my impatient self said NO! Let’s do August. Lesson: impatience can really knock things off their kilter.
So, just the other day, our realtor emailed us a property that was in the right price range and looked amazing. We ran drove over to the place, walked in the door and looked at each other like, “ARE YOU SEEING WHAT I’M SEEING?!?!”
The next day, we put an offer in. We definitely went a lot lower than they wanted, but I just kept praying that if it was right, then they’d accept.
Anticipation building….
I get a call the next day from our realtor the next day saying THEY ACCEPTED. This is the moment, folks, when I started jumping up and down hysterically in the parking lot of my dentist office. Yeah, free show for the patients.
Needless to say, we couldn’t be more excited and BLESSED. We do not take this blessing lightly. We know the incredibly difficult economic garbage dump time we’re in right now, and how home ownership is sadly out of reach for so many. We are trying to keep our hands steady as we open them to receive this gift, knowing very well that it comes with overflowing responsibilities. I find myself shouting out little praises of “THANK YOU” all throughout the day. I mean, this ain’t no joke. We bought a house. What? So weird to type…even weirder to say out loud.
Bee and I couldn’t be more thrilled, overjoyed and DEEPLY grateful to begin our new life in this adorable little nest…
We can’t wait for the dinners that will be made in that kitchen…
…the cakes baked for birthdays in that oven.
…the dances that will be danced in that living room.
…the people that will joyfully enter its doors.
…the laughter that those walls will contain.
…the bursting-at-the-seams love that will fill each and every room.
…oh, and we can’t wait to have YOU over for dinner.

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