sugar headaches

5 Aug

i woke up this morning with a major headache. yuck. let me give you a peak into my world. i eat a lot of sugar. hmmm. i also get a lot of headaches..hmmm. too much sugar always results in a nasty headache. yeah. you’re right. i can live with the headaches. nothing a little Excedrin and some blueberry green tea can’t handle. (blueberry green tea does nothing for headaches, i’ve just been drinking it by the bucket load lately and can’t stop thinking about it). which reminds me, i need to go get some more from trader joe’s. oh, and i need more butter. what? sorry. back to your regularly scheduled programming…

anyways, i was making fabulous sugar cookies for you last night when the headache began. i was home alone. baking. sweating. (it’s 95 degrees in southern california). there i was, baking in my kitchen in my unmentionables (AC is expensive people!)..and i took a swipe of the dough..YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS! i don’t even like sugar cookies that much and this dough was like nectar of the heavens. it is perfect.

I want my cookies to look like these! Too cute!

then disaster struck. “where are my cookie sheets?” they were no where to be found! stupid. so i ate more batter. so! scooped some dough out and baked a couple in a cake pan. oh, don’t judge me for being so desperate. then i wrapped up the rest of the dough and put it in the fridge to be baked later (ASAP).

7 1/2 minutes later, those babies came out puffy and weird. but i still ate two. oh, gosh. i just don’t have the words. amazing. light, sweet, crispy, chewy, buttery, sugary..any more adjectives? well, they were all of that and more. i can’t wait to roll them out, bake them properly and frost them with a delicate icing. i will post that recipe and pictures very soon..stay tuned. you need these in your life.

all that to say…i ate copious amounts of batter and cookies and i woke up feeling the sugar hangover. why do i do this to myself? oh, yeah. because it’s gloriously delicious. and because i know i’m not alone..or at least i won’t be for long…just wait until you try the recipe!

in the meantime… are some random things dominating the space in my brain right now:

in three months i will be a married woman, laying on a white sand beach on an exotic island (location to remain undisclosed. need to avoid the paps.) for my honeymoon. do you know how excited this makes me? beyond the moon. and the sun. and the stars. and the galaxies. and the..and the…you get it.

last night b said to me, “thanks for being so selfless. and my best friend.” boy, are you kidding me with this honey-sweet goodness? SWOON.

i may have found the most delicious-tasting yogurt on the planet. Dannon Light & Fit Toasted Coconut Vanilla. Yeah, you heard me. It’s out of this world. I eat it and want to crawl into the container and lick the sides. Was that out loud? **Dannon doesn’t know me, nor did they pay me to write this. However, I’m open to knowing you, Dannon, if you would just supply me with endless amounts of this incredible yogurt of yours!!

i’m working on not saying the first thing that comes to my mind. self-control bodes well for me. think before you speak? ohhhh. i get it!

i want to wear a lot of emerald green this fall. i think that particular jewel tone will be hot this fall. mark my words. or don’t. free country. God Bless America.

i have some stinkin’ amazing friends. real talk. thanks if you’re one of them.

bee secretly (not-so-secretly) hates my singing voice. he pretends he doesn’t. he does. im ok with this. i have an awful singing voice. ask him about the time he plugged his ears. err, on second thought, maybe don’t.

my brother is hilarious. i mean pee-your-pants-tears-streaming-down-your-face-knee-slapping-i-want-cupcakes-what?-ADD-hurt-your-stomach-FUNNY! i love how funny he is. end of story.

i’m writing a spoken word poem that i am so excited about. i will share on here once it’s done. let’s just say…well, i won’t say. you’ll have to wait.

come back soon for that sugar cookie recipe. have a beautiful day, people!


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