Are You Sure This Isn’t Ice Cream?

31 Mar
i like to eat. shocker. ok, well it’s true. in order to keep my metabolism pumpin’ (remember the whole cupcakes, cakes, ice cream, anything sweet every single day thing?), i eat three meals a day, a mid-day snack and dessert after dinner (on most days).

i love snack time because it brings me back to miss red’s class when i was in kindergarten and life was a lot simpler. side note: one time for halloween, i dressed up as my teacher, miss red. what was my costume you ask? oh, you know, just head-to-toe red clothing. the creativity thing started long ago, folks. ridiculous.

all this to say, i’m always looking for good mid-day snacks. i also am aware how old and boring that last sentence makes me sound. i aim for a nice mix of protein and carbs to keep me full until dinner and fuel me for my workout after work. the most common snack i eat is a piece of fruit and a string cheese or an apple with a smear of almond butter. sometimes i’ll opt for yogurt, but i rarely do this because it is so full of sugar and fake crap that i find it better to just eat whole, natural foods.
enter siggi’s yogurt.


Photo Credit: Siggi’s Website
This stuff is knock-your-socks-off good. check out this ingredient list: skim milk, agave nectar, blueberries, live active cultures, vegetable rennet. that is it! the taste? rockin, people, rockin! i literally looked at the ingredient list and nutrition facts a zillion times. did somebody pull an early april fools joke and put ice cream in my yogurt container (right, because people would do that lame of a prank) because it was that creamy and delicious. 100 calories, ZERO fat, 14 grams of lean muscle-building protein AND no refined sugar? that’s what we like to call “snack perfection”. i was satisfied and it gave me tons of energy for my run after work.
Photo Cred: My boys at Siggi
do note, however, that it does have that slightly tangy kick that greek yogurt has, but if you’re a pinkberry tart fan you’ll dig it. i’m not quite sure what makes this icelandic, because it tastes and feels much like greek yogurt to me, but i definitely felt more cultured (pun intended — gotta love yogurt humor) and sophisticated having icelandic yogurt. greek? pshh. so 5 minutes ago.
anyways, i like it. a lot. i want to try the other flavors…like their pomegranate and & passion fruit flavor…mmmm. passion fruit is my favorite…reminds me of when i lived in kenya for 3 months after i graduated from college and i ate those beauties every single day like it was my job. holla at some serious vitamin c.

ps siggi didn’t pay me to write this, but i sure as heck wish they did.


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