A Short Workout for When You’re Short On Time!

28 Mar

I have a bunch of things to get done tonight. Finish online traffic school (i got my first speeding ticket…i know! i’m sorry! but that’s pretty good for almost a 8-year clean streak!), edit my resume, blah blah…because i have tons to do, i decided to do a quick workout so i could get home to get my stuff done.

on most days after work, i’ll either run, take an hour-long kickboxing or yoga class, but when i’m limited on time or don’t feel like being in the gym with all the other gross sweaty people, i will do a quick 30 minute interval run. doing speed training like this is not only very good for your heart, but can drastically improve your endurance and performance on longer runs.

i make up different routines so that i never get bored.

here is what i did today:

Minutes / Speed
0-2 = 6.0
2-4 = 7.0
4-8 = 8.0
8-10 = 7.0
10-12 = 9.0
12-15 = 8.0
15-18 = 7.0
18-20 = 7.5
20-21 = 9.0
21-22 = 8.0
22-23 = 9.0
23-25 = 6.5
25-27 = 7.5
27-28 = 9.5
28-29 = 7.5
29-30 = 7.0
Cool down.

i love it because it goes by soooo quickly. i am so focused on what the next speed will be that the next thing i know, the 30 minutes is done and i’m ready to go home and shower. and eat.

try it! WARNING: i do NOT recommend doing the above routine if you are new to running! start off slow and adjust the routine to what works for you, but while still pushing your limits. the goal is to switch between a fast sprint and a more manageable pace.

p.s. i am not an exercise or medical professional. these are just my own personal opinions.


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